Back in 2017, I created a simple WordPress-based one page website for Evospec Performance. It was just used to inform his customers of what he makes, show some images of the products in use and link to his Facebook page. We setup a small gallery of his products. No pricing. No e-commerce. He did everything through Facebook and emails. Until it was time to grow.

Then the time came that he needed to expand and establish an online store. Based on his requests, he needed to have the simple one page as entry and over 70 products listed, some with options, pricing and shipping worldwide.

It took 3 days to get the framework and initial design done. Based on his particular needs Woocommerce and WordPress was a great fit. It’s been updated a few times since. Changed categories, added new products, options, features and maintenance to the site over the last year. I still manage the site and all back end updates.

Check out the current page here: